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Tabloid and broadsheet In the United Kingdom, newspapers can be classified by distribution as local or national and by page size as tabloids and broadsheets. There is often an implication that tabloids cater for more vulgar tastes than broadsheets. Within the tabloid category some titles are classed as red-tops because of the design of their front pages. Newspapers that consider themselves more serious often use this term deprecatingly.

Since newspapers began as a way to journal, or keep a record of, current events, the profession, which is involved in, the making of newspapers began to be called journalism. Much emphasis has been placed upon the value of the journalist to be accurate and fair in the historical record. On the other hand, it speaks well of the profession that these principles could just as easily have been abandoned long ago.

It is generally believed that the purpose of a newspaper is to state the facts about what is going on in the world around us.

However, media has long been a way of manipulating the minds of the greater population into holding certain values and opinions. Propaganda is used frequently in everyday life to manipulate our thoughts, and despite what the majority of us think, it does affect our opinions. In general, we believe that what is portrayed as 'News' is fact, but often the facts are twisted to support the political views of the Newspaper or journalist.

In size they are compact and in content, both broadsheet and tabloid cover politics, international news, financial news also human interest and show business like greater coverage on the Oscars more by the broadsheet then the tabloid.

They have critical reviews of TV, films, books, and plays. These appeal to all social classes. Press are traditional tied to political parties although...