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The Savvy Swapping ShopIntroductionDue to the present state of the economy many consumers have resorted to new methods of purchasing what they need for less. Warehouse stores have taken the forefront of consumer shopping. However, even this is not saving enough and consumers are making sacrifices just to provide loved ones with necessities. A trend that has been growing on the Internet forum is swapping. Swapping is act of trading gently used merchandise or services for merchandise or services of equal value. Merchandise and services can included but is not limited to clothing, toys, small and large appliances, automobile maintenance, landscaping, and legal services. By combining the concept of Internet swapping and traditional retail shopping the development of The Savvy Swapping Shop is born. This report will focus on various steps of development needed to bring the Savvy Swapping Shop from an idea to a functional business.

The Mission StatementThe purpose of the Savvy Swapping Shop is to provide consumers a means to care for their families and themselves by trading gently used or new merchandise as well as personal trade skills with little or no cost.

By swapping merchandise waste production is reduced and recycling takes on a form. The motto of the Savvy Swapping Store is "Nothing is ever second hand because everything is new when ownership changes." The vision for the Savvy Swapping Shop is to branch out into a franchise that spreads across the United States.

Business ConceptThe fueling inspiration for the Savvy Swapping Shop comes from Internet swapping sites, consignment stores, thrift stores and city waste conservation projects. (Raleigh, 2009) The unique difference of the Savvy Swapping Shop when compared to the listed inspiration is that the Savvy Swapping Shop also includes industrial, trade and hobby like skills whereas the other venues only provide merchandise.