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PetCare's mission is to provide a one stop pet shop store that sells and delivers small breed dogs, and provides the best possible quality of supplies and services for our customer's dogs in a clean, friendly and upscale business atmosphere where customers will be comfortable leaving their pets. As an added value for our customers PetCare offers unique personalized products and services such as personalized gift baskets and personalized internet sales. The services the store provides will be above and beyond of what our competition can offer, all our services and products carry a full 30 day money-back guarantee. PetCare is committed to highest standards of customer service, with the understanding that the strength of our organization is our people. Our organization believes in equal opportunity, affirmative action, and cultural diversity. PetCare workforce is the back bone of our business; therefore we encourage teamwork, professional growth, and recognize our employee's achievements.

We are committed to being good neighbors with full participation in community life and community service.

Vision StatementPetCare vision statement is to become the number one canine pet shop in America by providing superior customer service, and the highest quality of products and services in a safe, clean and friendly environment. We will constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations while establishing a successful relationship with our employees and our communities.

Target MarketPetCare will cater to all small dog lovers, but the main focus will be high income families or individuals who due to the nature of their personal and professional life do not have the time to take adequately care of their pets as they desire and are willing to seek additional help regardless of costs. Essentially, PetCare's will target customers, who want to strike a balance between the demands of their careers, their...