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Zippy's mission is to grow and earn income for investor's as well as employees through the profitable vending of 100% recyclable cold refreshing canned energy drinks in a convenient fashion to quench the thirst and provide the drive needed for those who work, travel, study or play hard.

A quick internet search reveals that there is much debate as to what the future of selling caffeine beverages holds. A quick glance at any gaggle of high school students walking down the sidewalk seems to provide revelation about the future of caffeine beverages. On one sight on-line some cognizant bloggers are discussing energy drinks versus coffee. One blogger speculates "energy drinks, with their graphic video-game-like logos that appeal to young men, could be "coffee for the new generation"" (Semaj, 2007) and another blogger adds "they (energy drinks) taste better and actually cost much less than coffee (Starbucks). I generally seem to get a bigger kick from energy drinks than from a cup of Joe."(Semaj,

2007) and yet another blogger adds "I definitely get a bigger energy boost from energy drinks than coffee." (Semaj, 2007). This web site is much like other sites representative of the shifting trend amongst consumers, primarily young males, away from hot coffee and shifting towards cold energizing beverages.

While working as an AM/PM graveyard cashier for three years I noticed a growth in the sales of energy drinks. Many customers would routinely come in before their work day began specifically to buy a can of their favorite energy drink to give them the boost they needed to start the the day, while other customers would come in looking for that added zip to keep their eyelids from obstructing the view of the road. While the sales of coffee remained high, the sales of energy drinks is definitely...