Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Strategies for Conflict Resolution

GEN300 Skills for Professional Development

July 7, 2008



The key points that can be derived from this paper are (1) that conflict is inevitable when, two or more people are working together; (2) that conflict can be either beneficial or detrimental to the dynamics of the team; and (3) that when conflict is managed properly and ultimately resolved, the results can enhance a team's productivity.


Conflict is when two or more people come together with an aligned goal; a team is formed. This team is comprised of members, each with his own plan of action to best achieve the task at hand.( Many times one member believes that his point of view is, the most correct or most efficient, while another member of the team may disagree, offering her idea as best.

When one individual challenges another, conflict is born. This is a very basic example, and only one type of conflict is addressed. In reality, there are several types of conflict; some positive, some negative. The sources of conflict are as varied as each member's own personality style. Humans differ in countless ways. These differences contribute to the strength of team members. Each personality brings with it a different interaction and different communication styles, ideas, and varying levels of creativity. With each difference, the possibility of conflict increases. Once conflict is encountered, resolution is vital so that the team can again focus on its common goal. Knowing what types of conflicts you will encounter will help you deal with issues when they arise.


Most people believe that conflict is something negative. In many cases conflict can be very positive. Whether a small dispute between two neighbors or a global...