The Consequences of Journey

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"There are many consequences of journey."

- Negative effects.

- Positive effects.

- Impact, result, outcome.

- More than one.

- Physical.

Individuals face a variety of negative and positive outcomes throughout journey such as adaptation and self reflection. "Drifters" and "Migrants" by Bruce Dawe and "Land's Edge" by Tim Winton communicate the many aspects of journey by the array language techniques and forms.

"Drifters" by Bruce Dawe exemplifies the negative outcomes of physical journey as the family constantly travels from location to location having to adapt daily into their environment. "She'll go out to the vegetable-patch and pick all the green tomatoes from the vines" uses the language technique of symbolism, as green tomatoes symbolize the families stay over a short period of time as the tomatoes haven't ripened. Another example that shows adaptation is through the two daughters as "the oldest girl is close to tears because she was happy here, and how the youngest girl is beaming because she wasn't", this quote juxtaposes each other as the oldest is close to tears and the youngest is happy to move again.

This portrays the older daughter to be settled and the youngest wanting to move and explore thus showing the positive and negative consequences that it can effect on a variety of individuals.

Alternatively, "Migrants" by Bruce Dawe also emphasizes the positive and negative effects of adaptation in physical journey. Simile is widely used to distinguish the negatives of journey in the quote "dour neighbors bent, slowly like hazel twigs towards the sound" this portrays the neighbours to become nosey listening into the migrants house, but yet to have no association with them. Symbolism and imagery is distinctively applied as the positive effect of adaption in physical journey as "both earth...