The Construction and Repletion of Gap in "The Ultimate Safari"

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The Multidimensional Construction and Repletion of Gap in Nadine Gordimer's "The Ultimate Safari."

Critics have the tendency to explore gaps established between thoughts and expression and try to fill up those gaps. They intend to illustrate intersection between words and concepts by umpteen means. Poetry and experience are among those means gratifying the gap between written expressions and mental impressions. Gap becomes incentive when it is put in the structure of a text and the strife to fulfill those gaps brings connotative implication of the writing. The exploration of gap between characters and between their desires and memory brings a twist in the construction of gap. The Buddhist and psychoanalytic therapy of forgetting past, present and future in order to get out of constraints of memory and desire attempts to solve psychic problems but Nadine Gordimer's "The Ultimate Safari" presents a startling twirl by bringing an integrated whole in a fretted personality after dwelling on memory and desire out of which even the artistic work of writing this short story is being shaped.

The multidimensional exploration of gap in the field of linguistics finds its expression in the gap between words and their meanings. The syntactic and semantic parameters of disparity explicitly account for discrepancy. The OED, says about "furniture," 'Movable articles in a dwelling house.' Midgley holds the opinion that "This seems to cover the bricks and broken glass on the floor, the rats running about and the corpse in the bathroom, but not the wardrobe, which I cannot shift" (217). Even if the dictionary does better and says useful household articles or likewise, Midgley asserts that it still will not help her unless she already possess the relevant conceptual scheme (217). So dictionary remains unable to identify words with the objects but the gap...