Contrasting the Legend of Sleepy Hollow film and novel

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The 1988 film version of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the short story that we read in class are similar, but different; this is somewhat similar to the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. This analogy is made on the grounds that the atmosphere, main conflict, and setting are all very similar on both sides of the analogy if compared to other works on the same side. Although there are many similarities not listed in the sentences proceeding, there is also an abundant amount of differences. Some differences are: the addition of several new major and minor characters, a different resolution, a bdifferent pattern of events, and the introduction of new character development methods.

One major portion of this captivating story is the character of Ichabod Crane. His physical traits remain constant in both tellings of this tale, yet there are many differences on the emotional plane.

Although one would notice many similarities, such as his love for Katrina Van Tassel, and his deep desire to marry her. But one detail that changes a great deal in the story is his great knowledge of all superstitious in the novel, and his ignorance of this in the movie. He shows his great disbelief of all superstitious when he bashes down on those who do believe. This characteristic of the film's Ichabod deteriorates throughout the movie, as he slowly beginjs to believe.

Another major characteristic that one would notice is the affection that Katrina feels for Ichabod in the film. This is different from the novel in that, in the novel, Ichabod's compassion is not returned, and is apparently rejected. This rejection is not stated, but is implied. This is because the author of this epic, Washington Irving, throws an aside into the blender that is this literary...