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Corporal Punishment There is a lot of controversy over how to discipline a child, whether or not physical or corporal punishment is a disciplinary option. Some parents say it is not the appropriate action to take because it teaches the child bad habits in the future. Other parents say that it is the only way to get a point across. In any circumstances while opting to discipline a child for misbehaving, spanking should not be used as a learning tool.

Surprisingly, the Bible insists that the "rod" of correction is a disciplinary tool.

"Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from it." (Proverbs 22:15). This could mean any object ranging from a wood board or even simply a hand as the correct method of disciplining a child. Even today some schools look to spanking as a disciplinary action. There have been a lot of incidents where a child misbehaves in class and from there is sent to the principals office to be punished.

In this case, wooden pallets are used to swat the student on the hand and even their bosom. Some people say, "Spanking is a useful tool, but it should only be used for a selective and clear deliberate act of willful disobedience and misbehavior. Corporal punishment for most children should be discontinued past the age of ten." Other forms of correction work better for children. Just because the Bible says it's okay to lay your hands on your child as a disciplinary action doesn't mean it is right. In fact spanking a child or corporal punishment should be stopped. It is physically damaging to a child, often times leaving welts and bruises on the child. Spanking a child should never be a reaction or impulse to a situation. Using anger or frustration is not the way to solve problems such as misbehavior. Instead there are alternative ways to deal with a troubled child.

When spanking a child it does not only physically hurt them but mentally scars them as well. Some alternatives could be as simple as a discussion with the child. Even more common methods such as grounding from certain privileges or "time outs" work just as well. When a child misbehaves it is most of the time because they want some resemblance of attention. "Mother says no to school paddling and spanks daughter herself... with a belt!" (Oregonian5/31/01,C4). Wright or wrong this doesn't give the parent the right to spank their child. When a child receives his or her punishment by way of spanking, it furthermore feeds their minds. They ask questions like "Why is this happening? What did I do to receive such a horrible punishment?" This could result in a lack of communication between the parents and the child. The child could also grow to fear their parents. This is not what parents want. Spanking only makes things worse which is what happens in most situations. No parent wants his or her child to turn into a person that is unpleasant to be around. This is a reason why spanking should be discontinued as a disciplinary option.

Most importantly, corporal punishment is a bad influence on kids. In a person's life, childhood is the most memorable time. That is what makes a person who they are when they grow up. Everyone they encounter and every event that happens in their life impacts them in some way. If a child is spanked all their young life as a result of misbehavior that is all they will learn when dealt with situations like that. The child will not know how to deal with situations like this. When this child is grown and has his or her own family, they begin to do what they once hated and thought was wrong. They spank their children in result of willful disobedience and misbehavior. It is not fair to the child and it's not fair to the parent, as well. Blame could be given to each other which makes spanking wrong. It only adds more pressure, instead of reducing it.

Is spanking for today? Most definitely not. Spanking only hurts and disrupts children by making them feel hated for their actions. Spanking is not the correct way to disrupt bad behavior. What we are taught one day is the future of the next generation. Instead of spanking, there are less damaging, more mild ways of disciplining a child such as verbal correction, grounding a child of his or her privileges, and even "time outs". Today legal issues have arisen in the United States and in other countries which seek to take away the rights of parents to use corporal punishment as a disciplinary option. So help change the future for children by doing the right thing, by not laying hands on a child for misbehavior. Why spank when it only hurts the child more.