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The definition of creationism is somewhat complex. One must start by saying that the belief in the creation of the universe given at the beginning of the Bible is literally true. Creationism is a belief based solely upon faith . There are no facts scientifically as a basis for this belief, totally theories and speculations. This was the essence of creation. While science can prove without doubt the universe up to the first 20 milliseconds of existence, we cannot prove anything before that point in time. Yet, creationism as a whole does not touch base how scientifically everything started. While science admits that there was a time in which different laws and order applied; creationism attempts to deny this existence by saying that there was always something. For if there was indeed a beginning and there was no God before this time, where did God come from? It is scientifically proven that there was a beginning.

We cannot yet begin to comprehend what was before this beginning, but we now know that there was one. To suggest that the universe has always existed is a mere myth today. Although the figures (Gods) differ from earlier times, all the ancient stories intend simply to give a poetic accounting for the origin of things.

Many creationists sat that the universe is too ordered; the path of the planets is too ordered, too perfect for their not to be more powerful being that created everything. Many creationists will also say that the Big Bang is merely a theory. The creation of the universe by scientific means is a world-wide theory that many creationists refute simply because it goes against their beliefs. Creationism has been around for a long time starting with Greek mythology, they believed that there was a creator for everything from...