Crest of the Green Leaf: Entry One

Essay by PhantomPhan0 June 2004

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I was challenged by friend of mine to write a story in journal form having a main character deal with several conflicts. And seeing as I've never been one to turn down a challenge, this is Part 1 of my answer. It's set on a far-off planet named Terran that's similar to Earth. The social structure is set in a period similar to that of the Renaissance Era.

12th Day of the 3rd month

Spring. Ah, how blessed is that word! After such a harsh winter, our beautiful gardens and orchards will soon be in full bloom. Father's kingdom may not be the largest on Terran, but it's the most famous for its stunning gardens and bountiful orchards.

The gardeners say that our prized Sali Blossoms will bloom on my birthday this year; which is only a month and a half away. Sali Blossoms are the rarest flower on the planet, growing only in Father's kingdom.

He once told me: "Rhiannon; the day you were born, the Sali Blossoms bloomed in such numbers and their beauty so unmatched, I'm positive the Kingdom of the Green Leaf will prosper under your gentle hand." Father does not praise me often; but when he does, I know it is heart-felt.

I have seen so little of Father the past few weeks. My little brother, Rolu, tells me he's heard rumors that Prince Kol, who bears the Crest of the Black Arrow, may declare war on Father's kingdom. Though Rolu is a pain, I know he would never lie about such a serious matter. I am afraid. That is why I have begun this journal. Soon I will be named a Princess Regent; then there will be no one I can tell my fears and uncertainties to. A leader must not show any...