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NO ZAM NIANG, Ms. Larkin English 5 H Nov 03, 2014

In the novel The Crucible, Miller's descriptions of women shows multiple dimensions of any and all human being. I do not think only genders matter in the play, but also political authorities. Besides, the ages mattered too. In this play, Arthur Miller used some characters to show how the women were treated in the play, and how everything around then did impact on them. To sum up, this essay will explain how was Arthur Miller's treatment on women through Elizabeth Proctor, Mary Warren, and Abigail Williams.

To begin with, Mary Warren serving at John Family was not well treated because of the gender and her servant occupation. John Proctor threat to Mary Warren saying "How do you go to Salem when I forbid it? Do you mock me? I'll whip you if you dare leave this house again!" point how Mary was not permitted to do anything without John Proctor's permission, or she will be punish for what she does.

This also point out that female servant's low society position at that time. Nonetheless, Mary Warren's status changes when she became the official court and act like if she was the one who saved Elizabeth by saying "……..". Though she was fortunate to gain power, Mary did not have the strength to go against Abigail. Mary carried both weak and strong major characteristic.

None of the women in this novel were treated highly, but. In fact, they were treated poorly, and had low status simply because of their gender (The whole book). Automatically, women were assumed that they had to do something with the witchcraft (The Whole book). For instance, Elizabeth Proctor was suspicious as a witch because of the needle in the poppet...