Cry, baby cry!

Essay by limona February 2004

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It's very hard to describe one of the worst days of your life. When you recall the pain you felt at that time, the feelings you had in that moment, you kind of pass that trouble one more time. Mainly, the reasons for which people are crying are death of a close person or the problem in/of love. In my case, and as usually in every teenager's case, the reason was love. I'll try my best to describe what happened, why it happened and how it happened . . .

The story started in our school, at the American Academy in Tbilisi. At first I never noticed her. We had no lessons together, only advisory. But still I didn't notice her. And the first time she attracted me was on the physical education, in our case on tennis. Even now I can remember that day, as if it happened yesterday.

She wore a white mini-dress, a black top and a white tie up with a Nike sign. When I saw her, she was playing tennis with her friend. I was looking at her; I was thinking what should I do if her friend would go? I wanted for her friend to leave. At that time somebody passed me by and when I looked around I saw that the friend was going somewhere. I took my rocket and went to get her name and introduce myself.

I said: "Hi! Do u wanna play?"

She said: "Yes with pleasure, but I don't know how." - she was smiling. Her smile, her wine dark lips, her white teeth, her view, all this made me crazy.

I said: "don't worry, I'll teach you."

I knew that she was lying; and she knew that I was lying. Everything was on the opposite way. She...