Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

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All people have personal values and ethics, just as they have cultural values. Often, those personal values and ethics will clash with those of their employer. As an example, as an individual, a person's ethical guidelines might require honesty, integrity and respect. If that individual works for a company that does not necessarily operate under those same principles, the employee may well face an ethical dilemma. Trying to intertwine these types of values when making professional and personal decisions in ones life can create a very stressful situation. The intent of this paper is to identify values that are important to me personally, organizationally, and culturally, and the effects that these values have on decision making in regards to my personal and professional life. Nicely done.

Personal Values

Personal values are the standards that people have, and that they try to live their lives by. They are the rules that set the tone and the direction for one's life and for their decision-making process.

"Values reflect the most basic characteristics of adaptation that guides individuals in deciding which situations they should enter and what they should do in them" (Nonis 2001) (Nois, 2001, p. #)--You must include a page # with direct quotes; use a para. # if the quote is from an Internet page. Personal values are most important to me since these values define individuality. David Peters (2003, p. #) said it best when he said (comma), "an examination of our beliefs can offer valuable insights into our character and help us determine a clear pathway to a more satisfying life." Based on this I can say that the following values are present in my everyday life: honesty, integrity, loyalty, and respect. However, this does not necessarily mean that every person in society shares these same personal values.