Culture Analysis

Essay by BWMP October 2004

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Every organization is composed of its own unique set of organizational objectives, structures, corporate cultures, business infrastructure, markets, operational strategies and processes. While each of these factors is an equally viable part of an organization's overall corporate structure, the context of the organization's operations largely determine the nature of its corporate culture. But by far the single most influential component if any organization is its culture. An organization's culture is what anchors its ideals and visions to those core values that drive the organization and its actions.

In reality, what management pays attention to and rewards is often the strongest indicator of the organization's culture. Corporate culture comprises the deeply rooted beliefs, values and norms shared by the members of the organization. The behavior that is modeled by the leader and the management team profoundly shapes the culture and practices of the organization. If an organization wants to maximize its ability to attain its strategic objectives, it must understand if the prevailing culture supports and drives the actions necessary to achieve its strategic goals.

An organization's niche market, its product offerings, and organizational objectives all determine the nature of an organization's corporate culture and thus influence the managerial operations. It this unique mix of these characteristics - the operation's organizational framework - which helps an organization distinguish its operations from the operations of its competitors.

At the very core of any organization culture there are the three key components which lie behind every action plan, organizational objective, and managerial decision made within an organization. These key dimensions are termed the organizations: capacity, volatility, and level of complexity. The fist key factor, capacity, is the degree to which a business can support growth. Integrally linked to the capacity concept are the ideas of operational strategy and organizational objectives. Depending upon the...