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How successful are fashion retail brand at improving customer loyalty


1 Introduction 2

2 Definition of fashion retailing 3

1.1 The definition of fashion ---------------------------------------------------------- 3

1.2 The growth of fashion retailing -------------------------------------------------- 3

3 Definition of Customer loyalty 4

4 The analysis and recommendations of brand companies to improve

customer satisfaction strategy. 4

4.1 The analysis for repeating purchase

4.1.1 The quality of products and services --------------------------------------- 4

4.1.2 Value-added experience --------------------------------------------------- 5

4.1.3 The brand image ------------------------------------------------------------- 5

4.1.4 Service experience -------------------------------------------------------- 6

4.1.5 Idea identity ------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

4.2 The ways to improve customer loyalty ------------------------------------------ 7

4.2.1 Enhancing the brand -------------------------------------------------------- 7

4.2.2 Improving communications with customers ------------------------------ 7

4.2.3 Focus on the small details ------------------------------------------------- 8

4.2.4 Collecting feedbacks ------------------------------------------------------ 9

4.2.5 The management of customer expectations. ---------------------------- 9

5 Conclusion 10


With the development of economy and the progress of the society, commercial buyer's market has become more and more mature, customers are starting to enjoy unprecedented rich and warm welcome.

With comparison and choice, they also have a good selection conditions, so the client often don't have much reason to be specific to a particular product or service enterprises remain loyal. As a result, it is a challenge for enterprises to improve customer loyalty in the variational fashion retailing. Therefore maintaining customer loyalty can be difficult.

However, loyal customers are the source of the company gain a competitive advantage. The company which has a long-term loyal customers is more competitive advantage than the company has low unit cost of enterprise. Consequently Customer loyalty is considered is the way of enterprise obtain long-term profit growth.

The essay is concerned with several important aspects of improving customer loyalty in fashion retailing. The aim of the paper is to discuss how successful are fashion retail...