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1) Select the main (the most significant) character in the book. Include name, physical description, personality, occupation, age, nationality, and any pertinent information in at least one paragraph.

Cyrano De Bergerac is a very dynamic and cunning character. He is an incredible poet and a great swordsman. He has a great love for women but is always scorned because of his oversized nose. He helps his friend Christian steal the heart of both of their loves, Roxanne. Cyrano has many leadership qualities and most people like his witty personality. Although he can sometimes be perceived as judgmental and arrogant, he means well. In the war with Spain, Cyrano led the French cadets to victory. He stepped up as an unofficial leader after Carbon de Castel-Jaloux (the captain) was not able to control the soldiers' poor morale. The soldiers quickly adopted Cyrano as their leader and mentor and the army won largely because of Cyrano's great leadership.

Cyrano had no real job. His only organized work that he had in his life was being a cadet for the French army. Even though he could have been a world renown poet he chose not to because of his mindset that people would not accept him because of his looks. He was a registered French citizen and loved his country dearly. Cyrano was not a very big man. His most prominent feature was his nose. He did not have great strength but he was not a weakling. He was a simple, average built man except he was extremely agile and quick when fighting or dueling. The book covers Cyrano's life from middle age to his death. I really liked Cyrano's ability to charm women even though he was ugly. I also liked his great skill with a blade.

2) Select two minor characters. Answer as much as you can from number 1 and discuss the relationship to the main character in at least one paragraph per character.

A. Roxanne is one of the significant minor characters I chose. She is an orphan with no title; however, she is rich enough to support herself. She seems to be an independent woman, an intellectual, and very refined. She is Cyrano's cousin and the object of his love. Unfortunately Christian loves her as well. At first she chooses Christian because of his good looks but she eventually learns to love Cyrano very deeply. Roxanne is a very beautiful woman and the love of many men. She has a caring personality and a very romantic nature. Roxanne lives by herself with her maids and on the balcony of her house she kisses Christian for the first time and later marries him there. When Christian is killed in the war she is deeply sorrowful. Roxanne is never employed. She was an educated heiress, as it says in the book, so she never has to work a day in her life. She also is a registered French citizen. She was tall and very beautiful with long, blonde hair and striking blue eyes. As mentioned before, she is the love of many men. Roxanne is not very old at all. She is about the same age as Christian and is in her twenty's. Cyrano is much older but they still fall in love, especially after she discovers it was Cyrano who wrote her the beautiful letters she cherished for years. I liked Roxanne because she was so beautiful and she could make a man fall in love with her with a flutter of her eyelids.

B. The other minor character I chose was Christian. He loves Roxanne very much but he has a knack for driving away women with his careless attitude and bumbling personality. He asks for Cyrano's help in getting Roxanne and Cyrano obliges. Christian never truly thanks Cyrano for his act of kindness and Christian ends up dying in the war. Christian is very good looking, but again, he can not seem to settle down with anyone because of his plain and boring personality. Cyrano brings out some of the better aspects in him but Christian will never truly be a ladies man. Christian's job in life was pretty much the same as Cyrano's. They were both cadets in the war together but Christian was not quite as good a fighter as Cyrano. Christian is tall and built well. He is younger than Cyrano and is around the same age as Roxanne. He has blonde hair down to his shoulders and brown eyes. He is very handsome but drives lots of women away by the way he acts. Like Cyrano, Christian is a registered French citizen and loved his country. I liked Christian a lot because even with his bland personality he is still pretty macho.

3) Describe the main setting. Include geographical location and the time period in which the action takes place in at least one paragraph.

The whole play takes place in France. The first four acts take place in 1640 and the fifth act takes place in 1655. The book opens up at the Hotel de Bourgogne, a very big long rectangular hall that is transformed into a theater. All of the action of the first act takes place here. The second act starts off in the early morning hours in the pastry shop of Ragueneau where Cyrano makes up the story that he defeated one hundred men to save Ligniere's life. The famous scene in which Cyrano tells Christian what to say to Roxanne takes place on her balcony in the third act. Most of the major action takes place on the war front in the fourth act. It is set as a battle fort at the Siege of Arras. This is the scene where Christian dies. In the fifth act the book is set in Cyrano's gazette. This is where Cyrano's tragic death takes place. My favorite scene is the streets of France where Cyrano kills the ten men that are after Lingiere. Since the book was a play it was hard to really get a feel for the scenery in the story. France is very scenic and it was amazing that they could pull this story off as a play just because of the difficulty of the scenery.

4) In one or two pages briefly tell the plot of the book.

The plot of Cyrano de Bergerac is not very complicated. It starts off with Cyrano, in disguise, being arrogant at a play. At the play Roxanne, Cyrano's beautiful, orphan cousin, meets Christian, a new recruit for the cadet army. It is love at first sight because they are both gorgeous. Cyrano extremely dislikes one of the actors that has been acting that night and he interrupts the play to insult and criticize him. Cyrano is so critical to the poor actor that the actor runs off the stage. The whole audience becomes out-raged but Cyrano eventually wins their hearts with his fantastic humor and unpredictable actions. After the play Cyrano is confronted by the Comte de Guiche and Monsieur de Valvert who are not too fond of Cyrano's antics. De Guiche is madly in love with Roxanne, obsessed even. He has a plan for Valvert to marry her and since Valvert is easily persuaded De Guiche tends to convince Valvert to let De Guiche have an affair with Roxanne since De Guiche is already married. Cyrano challenges Valvert to a duel while he is reciting a ballad made up on the spot. De Guiche's plan fails and he never gets to have Roxanne. At the very end of the ballad Cyrano thrusts his sword into Valvert and wounds him badly. Cyrano is a great poet and an incredible swordsman. The next act it is set in Ragueneau's (a fat poet friend of Cyrano's) pastry shop. The night before at the play Cyrano had spread the word around that he was going to defend his friend Ligniere (another poet friend) from one hundred men. Cyrano went to Ligniere's house and there were actually men after him but there was only ten, not one hundred. Cyrano was mortified that anyone would dare rid the earth of a poet and he kills all of the evil men. This shows his deep love for his friends and his tendency to go against the odds as well as his love for poetry. Roxanne confronts Cyrano at the shop and asks him to be Christian's bodyguard. It takes some convincing but Cyrano agrees. Later at the shop Cyrano's gang of friends arrive: Le Bret (a fellow soldier), Carbon (Cyrano's captain), Brasaille (another fellow poet), Ragueneau (a pastry chef poet), Ligniere (a drunk poet), and Cuigy, a poet. One by one they ask Cyrano if he really defeated one hundred men. They tell him that it has been the talk of the town and everyone is heading over to the pastry shop to catch a glimpse of this hero. De Guiche comes and confronts Cyrano asking him to join his group of cadets. Cyrano declines the offer since he is already a part of Carbon's cadets, thus making an enemy out of De Guiche. In this act Cyrano meets Christian for the first time. Christian starts off poking fun at Cyrano's nose and teasing him. Cyrano almost kills him but remembers that he is supposed to be is bodyguard and not his murderer. Earlier Roxanne had told Cyrano to tell Christian that she loved him so Cyrano does. Cyrano also tells him that Roxanne is expecting a note. Christian admits that he is a fool when it comes to romance and asks Cyrano to combine with him in getting Roxanne. Cyrano agrees and gives him a note he had previously written to Roxanne and has Christian sign his name to it. As the story progresses Roxanne is Cyrano and Christian's love. Since Cyrano has an extremely oversized nose he does not even try to go after Roxanne by himself without Christian. Christian is very good looking but he has a very boring personality and when he meets Roxanne she is attracted to him physically but he ends up driving her away with dull attempts to be romantic. Christian is heartbroken and asks Cyrano for help in charming Roxanne through words. In this act Cyrano tells Christian what to say to Roxanne from her balcony. Christian wins her over because of Cyrano and he goes up and kisses Roxanne. That same night they get married. Everything seems well but De Guiche is so enraged at Christian and Roxanne getting married he sends his whole regiment off to war. Cyrano's and Christian's company is in De Guiche's regiment. Even from the battlefront Cyrano continues to be Christian's romance mentor and Cyrano writes all of the love letters to Roxanne. In the war Cyrano, Christian, and Le Bret fight alongside each other. Cyrano ends up stepping in as an unofficial leader after the cadets stop listening to Carbon and Cyrano leads the French to victory. Christian ends up dying though. Fifteen years after the war Roxanne finds out Cyrano was the beautiful poet she saw in Christian. Cyrano finds out that she knows and he goes to confront her. As he is walking to her house someone drops a log on his head mortally wounding him. Was it De Guiche? Valvert? Or perhaps just an accident? The book never tells, I happen to think it was De Guiche. Cyrano still staggers all the way over to Roxanne's house and they confront one another. Before Cyrano dies he and Roxanne admit to each other that they love one another and Roxanne finally gives Cyrano a kiss. His tragic death unfortunately shows us a man who, although, gave his best efforts could not obtain the prize he most wanted, Roxanne. Cyrano should have made an attempt to get Roxanne despite his physical limitations because Roxanne was more concerned with what is on the inside rather than what is on the outside. Cyrano was also a victim of his own superficial views of people so he did not think Roxanne would love the poet within him. His own view came back to haunt him.

5) Select two main symbols from the book. For each symbol describe when it appears (the situation) and what the symbol represents. In other words, discuss how each symbol contributes to the conflict, characterization, and thematic ideas.

Both of my symbols are connected in odd ways. They are not necessarily physical symbols that are common throughout the book but they represent lots of things. One of my symbols I chose was a sword. I chose a sword for many different reasons. The sword can represent a lot of things. For one it can represent Cyrano's sharp wit and tongue. Cyrano was always ready to embarrass and ridicule any man that offended him or any of his friends. He was impossible to argue with because he could think of anything to say and he could reply to any smart response. The sword also represents the action that takes place during the book. The weapon of choice in the 1600's was a sword and Cyrano was amazing with it. At one point he kills ten armed men with just his sword. Even though the sword can be sharp and powerful on one side it is dull and ineffective on the other. I think this dull side represents Christian's personality towards women. He could never think of anything to say and always choked up around Roxanne. Although the sharp, powerful side of the sword represents Christian's good looks, the dull, useless side represents his poor personality. The sword can be used to contrast almost every character in the book but Christian is an obvious example. The sword also represents the driving force inside Cyrano, which is his personality. Cyrano's one awesome weapon against everyone who did not care for him was his great personality and humor. He could sometimes change a person's whole outlook on a topic by just making them laugh. His humor was razor sharp and this is the greatest weapon of all.

The other symbol I picked was Cyrano's nose. His nose is very symbolic throughout the whole story. It is representative of the personality flaws in all of the characters as something that will always hold one down from doing their best. It held Cyrano down by always making him have a low opinion of himself physically and; therefore, he did not strive to get the things he wanted, like Roxanne, and to be accepted into society because he was afraid everyone would reject him because of his physical appearance. This alone held him back from doing many more great things in his life. Cyrano's nose represents how superficial people are. We are always judging everyone by their outward appearance without allowing their true worth to help us rate what kind of a person they are. The nose represents another big thing in the book. The sword. Early in the book Cyrano states that his sword is an extension of his body. Cyrano uses the sword to push away people as does he use his nose and even if his nose does not effectively push away potential friends Cyrano makes it into an issue by pointing out to people his ugly nose and making them feel awkward. Cyrano's sword, like his nose, both pushes away people while at the same time captivating them.

6) Select four long passages (these do not need to be dialogue) that are typical of the work (choose quotations that you would remember several years from now). After each quotation, explain why it is typical or representative of the book. Indicate each passage a. b. Write the quotation next to the letter. Skip a space and write the explanation under the quote. Skip two lines before going to the next letter.

A. Christian: I love you.

Roxanne: Yes. Speak to me about love"¦"¦ Christian: I love you.

Roxanne: Now be eloquent!"¦.

Christian: I love- Roxanne: You have your theme-Improvise! Rhapsodize! Christian: I love you so! Roxanne: Of course. And then?"¦ Christian: And then"¦Oh, I should be so happy if you loved me too! Roxanne, say that you love me too! Roxanne: (making a face) I ask for cream you give me water and milk. Tell me first, a little, how you love me.

Christian: (coming nearer and devouring her with his eyes) Your throat"¦..if only I might"¦.kiss it- Roxanne: Christian! Christian: I love you so! Roxanne: (makes as if to rise) Again? Christian: (desperately, restraining her) No, not again-I do not love you- Roxanne: (settles back) That is better"¦ Christian: I adore you! Roxanne: Oh!- (rises and moves away) Christian: I know; I grow absurd.

Roxanne: (coldly) And that displeases me as much as if you had grown ugly.

Christian: I "“ Roxanne: Gather your dreams together into words! Christian: I love- Roxanne: I know; you love me. Adieu. (she goes into her house) Christian: No, But wait-please-let me- I was going to say- Roxanne: (pushes open the door) That you adore me. Yes, I know that too. No!"¦Go away!"¦ (she goes in and shuts the door in his face) Christian: I"¦.I"¦"¦ Cyrano: (enters) A great success! Christian: Help me! Cyrano: Not I.

Christian: I cannot live unless she loves me-now, this moment! Cyrano: How the devil am I supposed to teach you now-this moment?! This scene is very important to the plot. It shows many different key aspects vital to the storyline. For one it shows Christian's undying love for Roxanne. Roxanne says she feels the same way but she is really only attracted to him physically. Christian trys to charm her with words but all he can say is short, trite phrases such as "I love you much." These do not satisfy Roxanne who wants sweet, epic poems whispered in her ear so she leaves Christian. Christian is heartbroken and requests Cyrano's help because Cyrano is known for his romantic ballads he continually recites to women. Cyrano is stubborn at first but eventually gives in to Christian's desperate pleas. This scene also shows Cyrano's brash attitude. He is willing to help but he puts on an act just to make Christian sweat. He says things like, "How in the devil am I supposed to help you?" Even though Cyrano is playing mind games this is an example of how Cyrano can come off as careless and arrogant. Cyrano already holds a grudge against Christian because he thinks that Roxanne has chosen Christian over himself. This is why he is unsure about helping Christian at first but he realizes that he would be able to sweet talk Roxanne and that is one of the things he had wanted to do his whole life.

B. Roxanne: (without turning) What was I saying?"¦.Hard, sometimes, to match these faded colors!"¦.After fourteen years, late for the first time! Cyrano: (reaches the chair, and sinks into it; his gay tone contrasting with his tortured) Yes, yes-maddening! I was detained by- Roxanne: Well? Cyrano: A visitor, most unexpected.

Roxanne: (carelessly sewing) Was your visitor tiresome? Cyrano: Why hardly that inopportune, let us say-an old friend of mine-at least a very old acquaintance.

Roxanne: Did you tell him to go away? Cyrano: For the time being, yes. I said: "Excuse me-this is Saturday-I have a previous engagement, one I cannot miss, even for you-come back an hour from now." Roxanne: Your friend will have to wait; I shall not let you go till dark.

Cyrano: (very gently) Perhaps a little before dark I must go"¦ Roxanne: Look-somebody waiting to be teased.

Cyrano: (quickly opens his eyes) Of course! (in a big comic voice) Sister approach! (Sister Marthe glides toward him) Beautiful downcast eyes!- Sister Marthe: (looks up smiling) You-(she sees his face) Oh!- Cyrano: (indicates Roxanne)Sh!-Careful! (resumes his burlesque tone) Yesterday, I ate meat again! Sister Marthe: Yes I know. (aside) That is why he looks so pale"¦ Cyrano: Ah will I come! Sister Marthe: You are quite reasonable to-day! Roxanne: Has she converted you? Sister Marthe: Oh no-not for the world! Cyrano: Why now I think of it, that is so-you, bursting with holiness, and yet you never preach! Astonishing I call it"¦(with burlesque ferocity) Ah-now I astonish you-I am going to-(with the air of seeking a new joke and finding it) "“let you pray for me. To-night at Vespers! Roxanne: Aha! Cyrano: Look at her, absoloutely struck dumb! Sister Marthe: (gently) I did not wait for you to say I might. (she goes out) Cyrano: Now, may the devil admire me, if I ever hope to see the end of that embroidery! Roxanne: (smiling) I thought it was time you said that. (a breath of wind causes a few leaves to fall) Cyrano: The leaves- Roxanne: (raises her head and looks away through the leaves) What color-perfect Venetian red! Look at them fall.

Cyrano: Yes-they know how to die. A little way from the branch to the earth, a little fear of mingling with the common dust-and yet they go down gracefully-a fail that seems like flying.

Roxanne: Melancholy-you? Cyrano: Why, no, Roxanne! Roxanne: Then let the leaves fall. Tell me now the court news, my gazette! Cyrano: Let me see- Roxanne: Ah! Cyrano: (more and more pale, struggling against his pain) Saturday, the nineteenth; the King fell ill, after eight helpings of grape marmalade. His malady was brought before the court, found guilty of high treason; whereupon his majesty revived. The royal pulse is now normal. Sunday, the twentieth: the Queen gave a grand ball, at which they burned seven hundred and sixty-three wax candles. Note: They say our troops have been victorious in Austria. Later three sorcerers have been hung. Special post: the little dog of Madame d'Athis was obliged to take four pills before- Roxanne: Monsieur de Bergerac, will you kindly be quiet! This scene is very sad. Even mortally wounded Cyrano musters all of his strength to go and spend his last hours with the woman he loves, Roxanne. Roxanne learns here that Cyrano was the beautiful poet she fell in love with through Christian. So in turn she discovers that she loves Cyrano very much as well. This scene also shows another example of Cyrano's brashness. He has a great desire to go against the rules and does many times against the Catholic nuns. He is known around the Catholic community as a bad Catholic and always insistently reminds them that he ate meat that day. Although the nuns do not agree with Cyrano's lifestyle his sudden passing saddens them all. Roxanne, along with Sister Marthe, is shocked to find Cyrano in her room because walking there killed him. This is another example of Cyrano's everlasting love for Roxanne. Cyrano and Roxanne loved each other very much and even thought hey were cousins it was a shame their fledgling romance could not blossom.

C. Carbon: Those drums! Another good nourishing gone to the devil.

First Cadet: (sits up, yawns) God! I'm hungry! Second Cadet: Starving! All: (groan) Aoh! Carbon: Up with you! Third Cadet: Not another step! Fourth Cadet: Not another movement! First Cadet: Look at my tongue-I said this air was indigestible! Fifth Cadet: My coronet for a half of pound of cheese! Sixth Cadet: I have no stomach for this war-I'll stay in my tent like Achilles.

Another: Yes, no bread, no fighting- Carbon: Cyrano! Others: May as well die- Carbon: Come out here! You know how to talk to them. Get them laughing! Second Cadet: (rushes up to the Fist Cadet who is eating something) What are you gnawing at there? First Cadet: Gun wads and axle grease. Fat country this land Arras.

Another: (enters) I have been out hunting! Another: (enters) Went fishing in the Scarpe! All: (leaping up and surrounding the newcomers) Find anything? Any fish? Any game? Perch? Partridges? Let me look? Fisherman: Yes, one grudgeon. (shows it) Hunter: One fat"¦"¦.sparrow.

All: See here this is mutiny! Carbon: Cyrano come and help! Cyrano: (enters from tent) Well? (silence. To the first cadet who was walking away, chin on his chest) You there with the long face? First Cadet: I have something on my mind that troubles me.

Cyrano: What is that? First Cadet: My stomach.

Cyrano: So have I.

First Cadet: No doubt you enjoy this! Cyrano: (tightens his belt) It keeps me looking young.

Second Cadet: My teeth are growing rusty.

Cyrano: Sharpen them! Third Cadet: My belly sounds as hollow as a drum.

Cyrano: Beat the long roll on it! Fourth Cadet: My ears are ringing.

Cyrano: Liar! A hungry belly has no ears! Fifth Cadet: Oh for a barrel of good wine! Cyrano: (offers him his own helmet) Your casque.

Sixth Cadet: I'll swallow anything! Cyrano: (throws him the book which he had in his hands) Try the "Iliad." Seventh Cadet: The Cardinal, he has four meals a day"¦what does he care! Cyrano: Ask him; he really ought to send you"¦"¦a spring lamb put of his flock, roasted whole.

The Cadet: Yes, and a bottle- Cyrano: (exaggerates the manner of one speaking to a servant) If you please, Richlieu-a little more of the Red Seal"¦.Ah thank you! The Cadet: And the salad- Cyrano: Of course-Romaine! Another Cadet: (shivering) I am as hungry as a wolf.

Cyrano: (tosses him a cloak) Put on, your sheep's clothing.

First Cadet: (with a shrug) Always a clever answer! Cyrano: Always the answer, yes! Let me die so under some rosy-golden sunset, saying a good thing for a good cause! By the sword, the point of honor, by the hand of one, worthy to be my foreman, let me fall, steel in my heart and laughter on my lips! Voices Here and There: All very well-We are hungry! Cyrano: Bah! You think of only yourselves.

This scene shows Cyrano's wit and humor when things are looking bad. When the cadets start to mutiny and their moral gets really low Carbon calls Cyrano to calm everyone down. This shows how well respected Cyrano is among the cadets and how he can turn a bad situation into a humorous situation. Cyrano has great patience and it is shown greatly in this scene. Even though he is starving along with the other cadets, he never complains and gives the soldiers funny little remarks at their complaints. The cadets really look up to Cyrano and that was why Carbon called Cyrano's assistance the second things started to look bad. The French would not have lasted in the war without Cyrano's intellect and humor. This scene also shows the cadets deep hatred for De Guiche and the Cardinal. The cadets feel like they have been cheated because De Guiche is not even a great soldier but he got appointed as their Colonel just because the Cardinal is his uncle. Most of the cadets feel that if anybody should be the Colonel it should be Carbon or Cyrano.

D. The Crowd: (applauds) Montfluery!"¦.Bravo!"¦"¦ Montfluery: (after bowing to the applause, begins the role of Phedon) "Thrice happy he who hides from pomp and power in sylvan shade or solitary bower; where balmy zephyrs fan his burning cheeks-" A Voice: (from the midst of the hall) Wretch. Have I not forbade you these three weeks? (sensation, everyone turns to look, murmurs) Several Voices: What?"¦Where?"¦.Who is it? Cuigy: Cyrano! Le Bret: (in alarm) Himself! The Voice: King of Clowns! Leave the stage at once! The Crowd: Oh! Montfluery: Now, now, now- The Voice: You disobey me? Several Voices: (from the floor, from the boxes) Hsh! Go on-Quiet! Go on Montfluery! Who's afraid? Montfluery: (in a voice of no great assurance) "Thrice happy he who hides from"¦." The Voice: (more menacingly) Well? Well? Well?"¦..

Montfluery: (in a voice increasing feeble) "Thrice hap-" (the cane is violently agitated) The Voice: GO!!!! The Crowd: Ah"¦..

Cyrano: (arises in the centre of the floor, erect upon a chair, his arms folded, his hat-cocked ferociosly, his moustache bristling, his nose terrible) Presently I shall grow angry! (sensation at his appearance) Montfluery: (to the Marquis) Messieurs, if you protect me- A Marquis: (nonchalantly) Well proceed! Cyrano: Fat swine! If you dare breathe one balmy zephyr more, I'll fan your cheeks for you! This scene is very important to the whole play. It introduces Cyrano for the first time to the reader. Cyrano is in disguise and is in true form expressing his extreme dislike for anyone or anything that is dull or stupid. He extremely dislikes the actor Montfluery as you can tell in the dialogue, and thinks he not only is a poor actor, but a comical sight. Cyrano is not afraid to speak his mind about this weak actor even though the general public thinks Montfluery is the greatest actor ever. The reader realizes in this very opening scene that Cyrano is an individual who is not swayed by public opinion. We also gather from this dialogue that Montfluery truly is an overrated performer and that Cyrano does have a keen eye for good theater. Later on in this scene the crowd is outraged at Cyrano for driving Montfluery away because they came to see a play and they were paying good money to do so. But Cyrano eventually replaces Montfluery as the evening's entertainment with his sharp wit and his amusing duel with Valvert. I like this dialogue because it is so well written and makes you feel as if you are in the audience watching Cyrano poke fun at Montfluery. Even though Cyrano's attack on Montfluery seems a bit harsh, it truly shows the audience how silly Montfluery really is and how silly the playgoers are who think he is so great. This opening scene is the perfect way to introduce Cyrano to the reader because it shows his wit, his swordsmanship, and courage which are all key elements of Cyrano's character in the rest of the play.

7) Describe in one paragraph the books dominant philosophy. Comment on the apparent thematic ideas, the author's comment or attitude toward life, ect. What is the author's message to you as the reader? There are a lot of important messages in Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano was not well liked by many people. He had his group of friends but he made enemies very easily. I think Cyrano made enemies so easily because he had a very bitter view on life. Because of his large nose Cyrano automatically thought that people would not accept him so he shut himself off from many people. The only people he actually enjoyed being around were Roxanne and his group of poet/cadet friends: Le Bret, Christian, Brasaille, Raganeau, Carbon, Ligniere, and Cuigy ect. This small group of friends did not care about what Cyrano looked like; they all cared about whether he was fun to be around or not and admired his great courage, leadership skills, and swordsmanship. Cyrano was a great person with many intellectual gifts and his friends saw that in him. I think the author's message to us is to strive to get what you want and not let anything hold you back. People in general are superficial and quick to judge. If Cyrano had not judged himself so harshly, he would have been so much happier and fulfilled. The author is saying that even if you have a physical limitation you should try to charm that girl at school, or try to make that friend. You need to strive for things in life even if you do not think you can get them because you never know what can happen.