A response journal to the play cyrano de bergerac. 10 entries for 10 questions which I don't have.

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The first act is set in a theater in France, where the play La Clorise, starring Montfleury, is to be performed. People begin to arrive and wait for the play to start. Then the drunken poet Ligniere with handsome Christian enters. Christian confesses to Ligniere of his love towards a beautiful lady he sees from afar. He finds out from Ligniere that the beautiful lady is named Roxanne and is Cyrano de Bergerac's cousin. Christian also finds out that Roxanne has another admirer, Count de Cuiche, an already-married nobleman. Christian then tells Ligniere that he is afraid to express his feelings in front of Roxanne. While Christian looks up at Roxanne, a pickpocket robs him and runs off. When Christian realizes this he chases after the robber. After striking a deal with the robber upon his release, Christian learns that Ligniere has written a poem, which has offended someone who has sent a hundred armed men to kill the poet on his way home.

Then Ragueneau, the pastry cook, comes over, to ask if Cyrano has arrived. Ligniere asks why that concerns him. Ragueneau explains that Cyrano has forbidden Montfleury to act onstage, and Montfleury is appearing tonight. During this time more information about Cyrano is revealed through ongoing conversations. It becomes known that Cyrano is a skilled swordsman, and a poet who is witty and has an enormous nose. Soon after, the performance is disturbed by the voice of Cyrano demanding Montfleury to get off the stage. The audience insults Cyrano and insists that Montfleury carry on. Cyrano insults them back. Finally, when they won't be quiet, Cyrano draws out his sword and challenges anyone in the audience to come up onto the stage and fight him. This silences the audience and Montfleury slips off stage without...