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Dad & Dave On Our Selection Dad and Dave On Our Selection demonstrates how the Australian Bushmen coped with the harsh, dry conditions of the outback. The Rudd family were as poor, as most selectors. Joseph Rudd (dad), Dave, Joe, Dan, Kate, Sarah and Mum were a large family that all worked on their selection. They all used every last bit of strength in them so they could earn their small fortune. This dramatic comedy illustrates the pleasant and distasteful events of the film. These actors in the movie played their roles as Aussie Bushmen proficiently by allowing them to become their character.

At the start of the film, John Williamson sings while scenes from the film are shown. This technique introduces the viewer to the plot. The colours of the opening scenes are very dull and this technique is called dullness, which transports the viewer to 1930's. After the song finishes, the title appears.

A short story slowly scrolls down the screen, providing us with some background information. The song at the start of the movie is very effective because it lets the viewer understand the direction of the movie and creates a mood of anticipation.

The editing throughout the film was sharp and effective. The scenes flowed very elegantly, with smooth transitions. An editing technique called dialogue overlap was used in the film when the camera was on the Rudd family, and the audience can hear Mr Rudd speaking to a friend off the scene. Another great technique used was the Eyeline match when the Rudd family were walking down the road. The camera shot Mr Riley looking over there, and then the camera shot the family walking down the road.

The women in the movie acted their part as housewives and workers with a hundred percent effort. Leo McKern in-cooperates the role of Joseph Rudd (dad) perfectly. Joseph Rudd (dad) was the typical hard-working farmer who never gave up. Leo McKern acted the role of Joseph Rudd with so much talent and effort. The boys Dave, Dan and Joe played their roles like true Australian Bushmen.

A point of view shot is used when Mayor Riley arrives at the Rudd family on his horse and cart and is talking to Mr Rudd. The point of view shot on Mr Riley was looking down, and the point of view shot on Mr Rudd was looking up at Mr Riley. This demonstrates Mr Riley's power. Reaction shots are used very effectively throughout the film, particularly when the Rudd family are about to receive their cheque from the shop and they are only given a small amount of money. The camera immediately cuts away from shop owner and zooms in on the family's face to show their shocked reaction to it. Other interesting shots are used in the movie, including close ups, long distance shots, and low angle shots. Available lighting is a lighting technique used throughout the film, using natural sunlight and candles to light the scenes.

When Sandy is playing the accordion they have included sound in the film so it looks like he's playing the accordion. The use of sound is not smoothly done, as there is a fault in the accordion scene because there's the sound of another instrument in the song. The creators of Dad and Dave On Our Selection have not incorporated many special effects.

The soundtrack of the film was incredibly creative because the movie's sound effects were used at the right scenes. The soundtrack used folk songs throughout, to make the movie interesting. A sound device called lip sync was used to give the impression that the singers were actually singing the songs. This technique was used on the singers at the bush dances to show that they were singing. This technique failed in one incidence because the singer's mouth was out of time with the song. Other sound effects were used to reveal the peoples expressions that made it more exhilarating.

This Australian film gave me the feeling of being a true Australian. The Aussie slang used in the film made the movie more noticeable for other countries that it was an Australian film. The director of the film included many artistic elements that made the film enjoyable. This dramatic comedy made the viewer feel like what it is to be an Australian.

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