Daily Life In Ancient Egypt

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Daily Life In Ancient Egypt What comes to mind when you picture the word "Egypt"? Perhaps pharaohs, pyramids, pictures, gods, goddess, decorations, and maybe even freaky looking people. That's not all that was behind this fascinating country, there was much more that went on beyond the bigger picture. Well I'm here to enlighten you about the daily life of the normal everyday Egyptians. Their daily life was much more different than what the wealthy pharaoh (king) or even you and I was/are used to. Egyptians seemed to be very wise and conservative because they used many of there resources accordingly and appropriately. They also depended on many things to survive, such as the Nile River and the prosperous precipitation. If anything was just a little bit different, there could easily be a huge effect on the outcome of the harvest season. Since this seemed to be true, the Egyptians had many Gods for little things such as the harvest season, sun, sky, childbirth, etc.

They believed in hundreds of Gods. A few popular ones were Horus, Osiris, Iris, Anubis, Selkis, and Sarapis.

The Egyptians had a varied diet. They produced wheat, barley, fig, chickpeas, beans, dates, pomegranates, and much more. The livestock included cattle, pigs, sheep, fish, eggs, geese, etc. Foods were friend, baked, boiled, and steamed. Their oven was a little clay oven in the kitchen that was located in a tiny corner of the house. As you read on, you will notice that just like today, the higher-class and the commoners have completely different living styles. Example: From grapes wine was made; usually the upper class drank wine, while the commoners drank beer. And the wealthier had bowls made of silver, gold, and bronze; while the commoners bowls were made of clay. All Egyptians ate with no utensils...