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Do you like books with adventure, suspense, fun,and wackiness. Then you will love The Dargonesti by Paul B. Thompson & Tonya Cook. This book is about 303 pages but once you get to the under water world of the Dargonesti elves, you will never want to leave! The trouble all starts for Vixa, a Qualinesti princess, when she and her royal buds run into a strange mist while looking for a group of run away nobles. Their ship,the EverStar, is a great ship of elven make so it ran the sea with style. EverStar is transported some three hundred leagues away from it's original position by the mist. When the mist clears, they see a small island that is covered with sand. Vixa thinks that they have run aground but when the depth of the water keeps changing, while they are not moving, Vixa gets a suspicion that the island is not what it seems.

The Everstar's crew gets off the ship and gets on the smelly, sandy island. Soon Vanthanoris the elf, finds big foot prints in the sand. They follow the prints and catch up with the print maker. It was a eight foot tall, blue skinned elf. The elf wore a robe of woven sea weed and had a long braid of silver hair flowing down its back. It lunged at Vixa and co so they jump in a gauzier. In my opinion that is not a good idea. Well any way, they figure out that they are inside a Kraken*.

Vixa and the rest of the elves poke the Kraken untile it sneezes them out. But it sneezes them out under water. Some dolphins give them some breathing shells and thus is the book starts.

Vixa and co are turned into slaves for the mysterious Dargonesti (Sea elves) and are forced to build a wall to keep out these weird lobster like things called Chilklets. Soon the crazy queen of the elves trys to take over the land world and trouble ensues. I would tell you more but I don't want to ruin the story for you. This book can be found in a book store near you.