Data input and output

Essay by angelynjones September 2008

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The accuracy of data input and output are quite important. Data, simply put, are raw facts that are usually arranged systematically to be of value. Input can be defined as “the capturing of raw data,” while output is commonly found in as a document which is a “production of useful information.”Various methods of data in and output are useful and work best in certain scenarios. For instance, when printing questionnaires, using a keyboard would best. Voice recognition would be best when conducting a telephone survey. With voice recognition, the information can be spoken into the telephone receiver enabling the computer to process the information. It would be smart to use Magnetic ink Character Recognition devices for bank checks. MICR devices can read information on the check and bank card with minimal error and make correction if necessary. Optical scanning input devices work best for retail tags. Most all retail business use the bar code system.

Scanners allow the register easily process information of the bar codes with no error.

The quality and convince of data output are important. USB cables are best for hand held computers. USB cables allow the user to be mobile, which is quite convent for business people who travel. A color photograph would work better with a CRT monitor and a plotter. The lasers will print with exceptional quality and clarity. The laser will also print with speed which is very convent for the user.

In various situations different types of storage devices are necessary. Hard disks are used to store all types of information. Hard drives are “rigid magnetic disks that are fixed permanently in a drive unit and is used for storing computer data.” Hard disks rotate quickly and reclaim data with haste. Two types of hard drivesexits, internal and external. Internal hard drives...