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"A day that will live in infamy". Those words couldn't have been more true for the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, and a day we could all relate too, September 11, 2001, when the New York World Trade Centers were bombed by a cowardly terrorist group.

I was on my way out to the commons where I was going to talk to a couple of my friends as usual, but I had no idea that in about 3 minutes that my life would have a whole new meaning. I wandered out to our social gathering spot, said what's up to Barwick, and he said, "Hey, did you hear about how that plane crashed into the WTC". I said no because I had no idea that that had happened. After I heard the two-minute bell ring I went back to my fourth period class. I began to watch the news and all the coverage about what happened, and I felt bad for the innocent people that had died from the mistake that the pilots made, well that's what I thought then.

Terrorist actually flying 747's into the WTC was the last thought on my mind, but it soon became a reality when the second plane hit only 18 minutes after terror first struck America.

Countless thoughts raced into my mind at that time, living near the space center and all, a lot of other countries would love to annihilated our space program, so us getting attacked next was a fear that had been on my mind for quite some time. Another thought that crossed my mind was this was an act of war, and that means that if we go to war, how many of my friends would go, and if I would. All those thoughts were later depressed as...