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Narrative Essay Aaron Faullin 9-2-00 Pd. 1 For the most part, I have always performed well on just about anything and everything I have ever attempted. One might even go so far as to say that I had a niche for life in general. However, in the spring of 1999 I found something that I could neither conquer nor succeed upon which would change my life forever.

"Aaron if you don't"¦ there's no time to wait we have to go now"� screamed my mother as a scrambled about looking for socks.

"Mom stop yelling, I"˜m coming, I'm coming"� I said. "All that screaming isn't gonna help me out at all ya know."� Due to some miracle we finally made out of the house and started to leave for a baseball tournament, which I had been waiting to play in for months. I never really noticed how boring the riding in a car could be until I was stuck in one for five hours.

Nonetheless, when we eventually reached our destination it was hard to tell if I was really all that excited about the tournament or just happy to be out of the car.

"Welcome to the 32nd Annual Best of The Best Florida Showcase"�, said a man up in the booth. "All 18 and under players must report to field four within 20 minutes to receive their number and jersey."� Standing there for a moment I had to take a few deep breaths so I wouldn't start hyperventilating from the excitement that filled me. I couldn't believe it, all my hard work and dedication in preparation was finally going to pay off. Here I was standing next some of the best players in the state and maybe even country, all thinking the same thing that I was about...