Dead Poet's Society

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What if Robin Williams turned out to be my English teacher? I would have learnt all about individuality and how to "Seize the Day". Maybe a little bit of poetry "“ but from the "˜individuality-theme' perspective. Of course, that would be all we would have learnt. It's the exceptional acting of Williams and a cast of teenage boys, the exceptional setting and direction, and the exceptional plot that unifies to create an exceptional film "“ Dead Poet's Society "“ that made a fortune at the box office.

The film takes place in 1959 in England. Specifically, in an all-male boarding school so serious about "˜achievement' and "˜excellence' that some student can turn into a genius overnight. Perhaps the real moral of the film is how teenagers are getting treated by parents and how the teens respond to that. Or maybe it's to show how a typical male teenager was treated like in a 1960 boarding school.

Whatever the case, Peter Weir's direction of the film and the setting (that compliment each other very nicely) is very convincing in relaying the message of the film (whatever that might be). It provides a believable atmosphere in and around the school, and an excellent cast that might fool the viewer that the film was actually released in the 1960's.

When Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams) first enters his new class of students, he finds that they are all being mis lead. Almost immediately he orders his class to rip off the introduction chapter from their textbooks and starts teaching in a way, which defy the school's "˜discipline' and "˜tradition' laws. It is not until the film starts ending that the actors' impact actually hits upon the viewer. Although Williams was not present for a good portion (appearances on and off) of...