Dead Poet's Society

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During the stage of adolesense, humans are susceptible to influence from many angles. Friends, parents, siblings, and coaches are all people who can drastically effect the luife of a teenager. Teachers, far more than most, have a wonderful opportunity to effect these young adults dramaticvally. It used correctly, tewachers can help teenagers grow into wonderful adults. In the movie Dead Poet's Society, John Keating is a great example of the beautiful effecta teacher can have on his or her students. Through hois alternative lesson plans and inspirational talks, he was abvle to truly connect with his students , teaching them how to think independently and freely, inspiring them to believe in and how to find them selves, and teaching them to seize the day.

It is though thast teenagers are not old enough, mature enough, and even smartn enough to think independently, so they are tought to conform , and if they don't they are looked down upon and classified as "punk kids" with attitudes.

A select few adults actually realize thatthese"punk kids" might trun out to be exactly what this country needs. If Albert Eistine can droip out of ho=igh school, impregnate his goirlfriend and barely get into college, all by the age of 22, then these free thinking teenagers, known to most as "smart asses" or "punks", have areal chance of being something. John Keating understood this. He tried to go against what adults had been ponding into the heads of these teenagers their whole lives, and teach them how to think on their own and how to be th4emselves. He did this by doing sucjh activities as having three students walk in a circle, single file. The three students eventually all started walkingin uniso. Keating did this to show their neeed to conform. He then had alkll his students walk around doing their own special, creative walk. A little thuing like that helps kids to realize that being tehmsleves is good trhing to be. Keating also tought them to think freely. On the first day of class, he had them, read a boring introduction to their poetry unit from their textbooks, explaining how to analyze the quality of a poem using a chart. He then proceeded to have them all rip out the entire introduction out off their books, telling them to think and feel on their own. He tought them thatpoetry and all other things should be analyzed through how they feel and think, not through some chart or formula