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Dear Chief, You have given me a job to find out if Winston's case is murder or suicide. By examining the evidence at the scene I have came to a conclusion that that Winston pulled the gun on himself. I have studied this evidence this evidence very very hard and you will hoefully go on my side. Here are three reasons why I think it should b suicide.

Well, I think that Winston commited this crime is because all the lights were off. This was so no one would see him do this horrible thing. Also, he would think that nobody would be able to see him and everyone would think that he was murdered. My last piece of evidence for this one particularry reason is thateveryone would say that someone someone committed the crime and the police would be out looking for the killer.

Another reason that I think that Winston commited suicide is that all of the doors were locked.

One of the reasons for this is that nobody could walk in on him while he was pulling the gun on himself. Also, no one would be able to call the cops while Winston was doing his business. My last piece of evidence is that he would not be tempted to walk out of the house and not commit this crime (which I wished he did).

My last reason why I think that this case was suicide is because Winston had a gun in his hand. Well, his hand is on the trigger, which means he shot himself. Also, a gun is missing from the peg and that gun is in Winston's hand. The gun is by his head and that is where he shot himself.

I hope you read over this very carefully and go with my decision. I think that the assignment that you gave me was challenging but I think it was suicide. Well, got to go because I have another task ahead of me. Hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Travis Smith