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Puritan Era

General Info

Narrative of The Captivity by: Mary Rowlandsen

Crucible by: Arthur Miller

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by: Jonathan Edwards


General Info

Autobiography by: Ben Franklin


General Info

Thanatopsis by: William Cullen Bryant

Rappucini's Daughter by: Nathaniel Hawthorne


General Info

Nature by: Emerson

Self-Reliance by: Emerson

Walden by: Thoreau

American Dream

Death of a Salesman

Transition of Era Causes




Puritan Era

General Info:

The Puritans left England after the Protestant Reformation by Henry VIII in England. They sought religious freedom and hoped to purify the Church of England to their own beliefs.

The Puritan's were supporters of pre-destination (you were assigned to either heaven or hell before birth). Because of this they lead a very mundane life style. Conformity to society was essential.

They saw god in all aspects of everyday life through biblical allusions. These connections to the divine gave them purpose for life.

Anne Bradstreet: Tenth Muse Lately Sprung, Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Mary Rowlandson: Narrative of the Captivity were all examples of Puritan writers.

Narrative of the Captivity by: Mary Rowlandson

Summary: Mary Rowlandson is kidnapped by Indian and taken hostage. She writes of her life in captivity.

Literary Devices: Biblical allusions are abundantly present throughout the piece making identifiable as a puritan piece

Theme: A key puritan theme that is apparent is faith in God's will.

Crucible Arthur Miller

Summary: Story of the Salem Witch trials. Abigail and her friends go out into the woods and have a little fun against the will of the adults. Afraid of Puritan Society, the girls lie and blame it on witchcraft. Abigail accuses the wife of John Proctor, for she wished to get rid of her and...