Decisions in Paradise Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise

Cheryl Williams

MGT 350

University of Phoenix


Decisions in Paradise

After being recruited to International Game Technology to work with the strategic planning director, I embarked on my first business trip to the island of Kava. An island in the South Pacific sounded an ideal place to begin my career, but that ideology was discarded upon landing on the island. Alex, the director of strategic planning, described Kava's economy and recent history then laid out the task at hand. This paper will identify how IGT will establish a greater presence in Kava by defining the issues and the forces involved with problem formulation. By applying tools and techniques, obstacles that impact key stakeholders will be described.

The ultimate decision to be made is how International Game Technology can establish a greater presence in Kava. Before a decision can be made, the issues need to be identified.

The first issue was easy to recognize, the messy state of the island and office could have an impact on the decision. From the information supplied by Alex, it was evident that the island could be plagued by numerous disasters at any moment. Another issue that could impact the final decision is the demographic of the island; the island population contains multiple ethnic and religious groups, and over half the population is under 15 years old. The island's economy will also have an impact. Lastly personal issues; lack of experience and being away from home, can have an impact on the decision.

Each of these issues can impact the decision of how to increase the company's presence on Kava. The messy state of the office and island could drive prospective employees away. Since tourism is an essential part of Kava's economy, the island's state...