Decisions in Paradise, Part 2

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August 18, 2009IntroductionAs discussed in Decisions in Paradise Part 1, Kava recently suffered a devastating natural disaster in which a typhoon rendered their vital communications system useless. Time Warner was approached by Kava's government to assist with resurrecting their much needed communications system to help with its recovery efforts and economic restructuring. To fulfill this request, Time Warner needed have a greater presence on the island to support such a large project. Nik and Alex were tasked to front the analysis of this project. They soon come to realize that the island of Kava not only needed to resurrect its severely damaged communications system, but also that the currently existing system needed a complete overhaul to be able to receive the required system updates. These updates will provide Kava's communication system the capabilities to use cutting edge technology that will prove significant in propelling Kava's economic structure forward. In light of the recent disaster, Nik and Alex realized that in order for Kava to receive the vital support needed for its recovery efforts it must have the capability to communicate with the rest of the world and become a functioning country again.

Problem formulation and identificationAs Nik and Alex analyzed the project, several existing problems and some that are considered probable were identified. The pressing situation caused by the typhoon revealed that the impaired communications system desperately needed to function to provide immediate communication and coordination rescue efforts within the island. Kava also needed to communicate to neighboring countries to request relief efforts. Upon their survey, several structures around the island were found in poor condition mainly caused by the island's exposure to naturally occurring disasters. They assessed that the new communication infrastructure will need to have the capacity to withstand these natural disasters. These problematic natural occurrences have a...