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Decisions in Paradise, Part II

University of Phoenix

MGT 350: Critical Thinking

September 29, 2008


Decisions in Paradise II

In Decisions in Paradise I, issues facing Wal-Mart, both internal and external, were addressed. Possible solutions were also addressed and how those solutions could affect the company and the island of Kava. Decision-making is an important process to effectively and efficiently overcome the many obstacles that Wal-Mart will contend within Kava. Several decision making models and techniques can and should be used according to the situation. This paper will address the following topics: decision-making techniques, steps utilized in applying the techniques, and an examination of the decision-making model chosen with an explanation of how it influences and or impacts the proposed solution.

Decision-Making Techniques

Many obstacles need to be overcome on the island of Kava and decision-making techniques must now be applied to find the most appropriate solutions to the issues.

Decision-Making Style

The style of decision-making will be collective-participative because Chris Morales, founder of the company, has enlisted the assistance of Alex, the director of strategic planning, who in turn has enlisted the assistance of Nik, who will enlist the assistance of other people such as, Wal-Mart associates, Kava officials, and community members. The responsible committees and members will gather the pertinent information, brainstorm, multivote, and apply different methods such as, decision trees, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, and check sheets to narrow the topics and issues. The same techniques will be used to formulate solutions to the issues. After this process of elimination, the results will then be forwarded to Chris Morales, who will take the information into consideration and make the final decision.


Brainstorming sessions, whether group or individual, can...