The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration Of Independence

Where would the world be today if the United States did not declare

independence from Great Britain? It would be a way different world. Thanks to that we now

have a life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America had every right, mind and aspect to

throw off the chains of Great Britain. After many peaceful attempts the colonists had no choice

but to declare independence from Great Britain and were justified for two reasons.

( These were that they were not even part of the decisions Great Britain made

about America, and that Great Britain made decisions that did not benefit the colonists at all and

instead hurt them.

One of the reasons in which the colonists had the right to declare independence was because

Great Britain did not allow them to have a say in decisions that were made about them. In May

1765, Patrick Henry made a speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses.

He was angry about the

Stamp Act the British enforced the colonists, he called it illegal because the colonists did not had

representatives in the Parliament. He was saying clearly that any decisions made by the British

Parliament must include what colonists believe should happen. (kennedy)

The second reason the colonists had was Great Britain made decisions that harmed them. An

example is on the Declaration of Independence written in 1776 where Thomas Jefferson said that

the people have the right to throw out the government if it harms them and fails to protect their

rights. (

Many people were against the colonists declaring independence. Peter Olives is an example of

this where he stated in 1777, that the colonists should not have declare independence because

Great Britain was only trying to protect them. In which way where they...