Declaration Of Teen Independence

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We want these truths to be made self-evident: that teenagers are NOT stupid, that we are NOT powerless, and, if needed, we WILL fight the system. These powerful oppressors have refused our basic rights.

They reminisce about forbidden pleasures they indulged in as teens, then condemn us for our similar curiosities.

They have refused us a voice in the government. Before the age of 18 we have no power in laws, not even in school, though most legislation passed directly involves teenagers.

They stereotype us. They judge our worth as people by how we look, dress and act. Without even asking us, they consider us to be criminals.

They ask us about our lives, merely for conversation purpose. They do not listen to, or consider the words that we speak.

They deprive us of sleep, in pursuit of an education, causing us to function in an unfortunate manor.

They demand us to act as adults, punishing us when we don't, and treating us contrary to the title.

They constantly nag us, and then denounce us for being short-tempered.

They are especially hateful towards the freethinkers and the non-conformists. At a young age, in the schools, they attempt to turn us into mindless zombies, solely obeying them They have told us what time we can and cannot be outside of our houses. By passing unconstitutional curfew laws, if we are not home by a certain time, we are arrested.

They even take away our first amendment rights to peacefully assemble. When a group of teens is sighted and the cops are called in, claiming we are involved in "gang related activity". I belong to no gang, group or order. We are not racists. We do not stereotype, or segregate ourselves from others. We do not judge by appearances of action We, therefore, the Representatives of Americas youth, Collaborated, formally requesting to the Collective parents of the world for the integrity of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Sanction of the good people of Redmond, solemnly publish and declare, That we Teenagers are, and of Right should be valued as individuals, and not labeled as problematic or unintelligent. Since the dawn of this "great" nation, we have followed orders, but it is now time for us to unite in order to defeat the common enemy. We will respond peacefully, if possible, and violently if necessary. Our time has arrived and for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of heavenly Fate, we reciprocally pledge to each other our lives, our prosperity, and our consecrated honor.