Definition Speech on the word 'Apple' (Find a word, or symbol with multiple definitions)

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What do an apple, an ipod, and my voice box have in common? Well, they all are related to the word apple. What is an apple? As a delicious fruit, one largest computer companies, and an alternative name for a voice box, the word apple has many different definitions that are all commonly used today.

Before any of the other definitions emerged, the apple was originally a fruit. With over 10 different types of apple, they are grown all over the world and have been known to be one of the sweetest and tastiest foods. Apples have a variety of ways to be eaten. Some make apple pies or apple turnovers. They also have been placed in yogurt, and there are even artificial apple flavors that can be found in candies. Not only do apples go well with different foods, but also they make a great snack plain. But fruits aren't the only thing that the apple is known for.

Apple represents two companies. Currently, Apple is known as one of the best computer manufacturers in the world. They also design the most popular mp3 player called the ipod. But let's not forget another company called Apple records. Because of their recent lawsuit against Apple Computers, the Apple records name is being heard again. For those of you who might not know, Apple records is the record label that owned The Beatles, one of the most popular bands during the 60s and 70s. But Apple isn't, just the name of two companies.

Apple is also the name of my front throat. The real name is laryngeal prominence, but it is commonly known as the Adam's apple or the voice box. Originally named after the forbidden fruit, or apple sticking out of Adam, the first parent, when people lose...