Demographic Factors Research

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Demographic Factors Research


Demographic Factors Research

Organizations and society face cultural and gender changes each day; in order to meet the needs for the people in the groups being affected; many factors have significant influence when determining how the different cultures interact with one another in society or work functions. Understanding how different cultures and societies interact with one another will determine one's personal growth and organizational strengths when constructing programs for each gender, age group, ethnic and religious, and health denominators. Each society interfaces with others professionally or personally; it is vital that people understand one another for the success of the personal connections faced each day with understanding and respect. "When your organization is comprised of groups of people with different experiences and backgrounds, more innovative and creative ideas are a distinct result. It is only natural people who have varying life experiences and perspectives would be able to come up with unique solutions to problems which may not arise from groups who think similarly" (Goessi, 2010).

The Social Construction of Sexual Orientation - Marjorie Johnson

According to Kottak & Kozaitis, the social construction of sexual orientation is the socio-political status defining sexual preference. In short, sexual orientation is a "social phenomenon" defined by practice, and "sexual status and identity is expressed through membership in a social group" (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, p. 170).

The classical Athens expressed biopsychological cravings through socio-political power and influence. In fact, it was socially acceptable for elite men to engage in sex with "social inferiors" and to participate in unions with men of similar rank as the "highest form of intimacy" (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, p. 170).

Athenic affluence of male dominated leadership in American exists; however the infiltration of women in the...