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Little Sichuan Restaurant is located at 168E 4th avenue. (at San Mateo), 650 345-2167. Its open Sunday through Thursday 11;30 am-3:30pm 4:30pm-9:30pm and Friday- Saturday 11:30am through 10:00pm. No reservation need for week day, but advised on weekends. Parking is terrible on anytime, but if your lucky then it will be easy to get parking place.

My four friends and I had arrived to Sichuan around nine o'clock on a Friday night. My decision to eat here because, I saw a commercial on television every single day, so i asked my friends to go check it out with me;we like to eat spicy Chinese food with wine and treat ourselves to a fairly nice meal once every couple of weeks since we are students living away from home. The trade-off between what we paid for and what we received should be balance. Naturally, for every price range there is a different set of expectations of the quality of service.

The higher the money spent the higher the expectations. I chose to evaluate the quality of service and price of Sichuan Bar and Restaurant on 4th avenue, and found that the service and price was better than I had anticipated.

Sichuan is located in Down Town San Mateo, which is a fairly busy street; therefore, there are few parking spaces next to the restaurant. We had parked about a block away which was no inconvenience since it was a beautiful night. We took a walk for 5 minutes and it was not so late; however, had it been a cold night and a special occasion and we were freezing outside the restaurant. In addition, since it was late at night I imagine it was easier than usual to find parking, being so late in the evening. It is understandable, due to...