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It was a rainy and gloomy Tuesday afternoon. The old woman came through the big, brown glass and metal doors of J.C. Penney. As she pushed her way through the big store with her walked, she seemed a little lost in her surroundings. She was always excited to go somewhere outside of the dark, depressing, and weird smelling nursing home. This was her special day.

She got up that morning excited and happy because it was the day everyone would get to take a trip. This was the day they were all going to Southridge Mall. She decided to wear her gray, Donn Kenny slacks and her soft, light pink chenille sweater. As she put on her white, Paylesss sneakers with soles worn down to the bottom from all the miles put on over the years, she thought about what she would be buying. After combing her delicate, pearl colored hair and spraying her dainty, sweet perfume, she heard the loud, squeaky horn of the transport van.

Thrilled, she put on her sky blue, puffy winter coat and grabbed her flowered umbrella, putting it into one of the yellow cloth bags she wrapped to the sides of her walker. Then she pinned the bag closed. In the other bag she placed her billfold, which contained her credits cards, $200, and pictures of the family she once knew and cared about. After she finished, she closed the heavy, cedar-scented door that guarded all her earthly possessions and locked it.