Descriptive Memory

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Sherieana Shepherd


English 1010

24 September 2014

Every night it was the same routine. I would lie in bed sucking my little, orange pacifier; after, seeing the smallest sign of sleep from my mother, I would sneak off.

I would stumble out of the king size bed with my extra large snoop character pillow. Pausing to make sure my mother did not wake, I would slowly move toward the bedroom door. After gently opening the wailing door, being careful not to drop my pacifier, I would make my way into the living room.

Once I entered the living room, the strong, appetizing smell of coffee would immediately hit my nose. As I eased further into the living room, I would hear the voice of the Scooby Doo gang blasting loudly on the television. Just like any other night, my grandmother would be sitting on the large, brown couch with a huge smile awaiting my arrival.

Once I saw her, I would happily skip and jump into her arms. We would then laugh and discuss how I snuck out. "Your mom is going to get you," she would say. I would simply laugh and respond, "No she's not," knowing that she eventually would.

After catching up on the episode of Scooby Doo, my grandmother would get up and disappear into the kitchen. She would come back into the living room carrying a floral decorated tray filled with toast and coffee. The aroma of the toast and coffee would quickly fill the room and make my stomach growl. I would then take my regular portion of toast and coffee and eat and drink until I was full!

After being satisfyingly full, my grandmother would turn the television to some Michael Jackson music videos. I truly believe that we...