"The Deserted Frankenstein and his Monster" How alienation was indicated in the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.

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Nobody wants to be alienated. Alienation starts back way down in history. Whether it's racisms, how society is, and how people judge other people by their status or looks in the world. Some people choose to isolate or be an outsider themselves from people or things, and to make things worst, it sometimes be the one's who love and care for them. In the psychology point of view: "a state in which a person's feelings are inhibited so that eventually both the self and the external world seem unreal" (www.wordreference.com). Some people alienate their children resulting in a very emotional imbalance. This sometimes led to the child growing up in anger and taking it out on the world, or either the feeling that nobody likes them, and cut themselves away from everybody. For example, Victor Frankenstein ran away form his creation or "his son" when he first opened his eyes, and continued to run away from him and call him afflictive names.

This probably leads for the monster to transform from a courteous, careful, gentle being, to a bitter, murderous, villain. When people decide to isolate themselves on there own, as a result, they might be concentrating on something or spoiled and have an attitude problem. It was Victor's own will to alienated himself from his family when he was concentrating on his work, for example. Alienation, disaffection, estrangement, withdrawal, isolation different words and definitions can go on and on. But they all end up in some type of loneliness, unhappiness, relinquishment, and more often, revenge. In the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelley uses Victor Frankenstein and his creation to illustrate alienation by feelings, family, and surroundings that Victor and his monster had encounter thought-out the novel.

First, Victor came from a loving, and caring family. It was when Victor was...