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13 October 2014


Dexter is a television series that follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst. Dexter's life seems normal, that is, until he starts cutting people up and putting them into garbage bags. The series is extremely bloody and violent with scenes that are disturbing. With that being said, the question remains, why are we so intrigued by something so repulsive? I believe that we enjoy series like Dexter because it gives us an opportunity to escape our boring lives for a few minutes, it lets us channel our violent thoughts, and the anti-hero always captivated us.

The pilot is always the most important episode of the entire series because it captures our attention and interests us into continuing watching. Dexter's pilot does a great job doing that, it starts out with Dexter scoping out the first victim we would watch him kill.

After he kills his victim he goes about his day and acts like nothing happened. The first episode of Dexter showed no mercy to their viewers, showing Dexter cut his victim up and also displaying his victims' victims' dead bodies that he recovered from the ground. As gruesome as that sounds, you would expect for viewers to turn their television off and walk away however Dexter won and has been nominated for many awards.

Dexter has a code his dad came up with that he has to follow, the "Code of Harry" states that he can only fulfill his need to kill with a victim that deserves to die. He determines whom he's going to kill next by resorting to his job with Miami Metro as a blood splatter analyst. When Dexter finally kills his victim he uses the same routine for each, wrapping...