Dieting myths.

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Dieting Myths

I wrote this to warn those wanting to lose weight.

Myth 1:

Miracle diets really exist. It is possible to lose weight that easily through a safe process.


Wrong. No diet will work without the proper exersize. If you do lose weight as fast as "miracle diets" claim on T.V. you are doing your body harm. Truthfully it is recommended you lose only lose a ½ to two pounds a week.

Myth 2:

Some foods actually burn fat.


in truth no food can actually burn fat. A diet like the grapefruit or cabbage soup diet merely reduces your calorie intake. Sure, you might lose a few pounds however most of the weight loss on these plans comes from water, not fat.3

Myth 3:

To reduce calorie intake it is good to skip breakfast.


Skipping breakfast is never wise. You've just slept for about 8 hours during the night; your body now needs for you to "break" your fast.

This means eating a healthy breakfast. Actually, if you skip meals during the day, you'll be more likely to make up for those missing calories by snacking or eating more at the next meal. Don't fret eating boosts your metabolism compared to the contrary whereas depriving yourself of food actually causes your metabolism to slow down so you burn fat slower than you normally would. 4

Myth 4:

You shouldn't eat before you go to bed.


The theory is that food eaten past eight P.M. will just lie in your system and absorb into fat. Wrong again. It's how many calories you eat in a day, not when you eat them. No matter when you eat your meals, your body will store the extra calories as fat.

Myth 5:

Foods that have low fat or...