The Differences between Men and Women

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Men and women differ in many ways. The basic knowledge known by all people is that gender differences differ only in physical appearances and culture. For example men are usually taller than women or as some cultures differ a women has to be as good as men to survive in this world. But the correct way of putting a differentiation between these two genders are the differences not only physically but in aptitude, skill and behavior.

The fact goes on about how women are more sociable and more flexible with their natural nurture and care to others back in the days. Yet these facts still goes on but another issue about women has been seen through out the year which is none other than the fact that they have more motivation to achieve in something rather than letting the men deal with all the worries.

In a college or any institute of education, we see the women achieving more success. Successes in education nowadays are depended on the writing skills also in verbal communication skills. It is believed that, women are better in these areas. On the other hand, it is said that men are more aggressive either physically or verbally. They also love taking risks. We see our brothers or male cousins or even our uncles and fathers playing the play station or the Xbox ,fighting games enjoying all the aggressiveness in them and having to dare each other and taking risks. It is also a proven fact that men are convicted in crimes more than women especially in violence crimes.

As we all know, gender also differs in terms of biologically issues. Biologically, women are more of the stronger sex than the men. The men are weaker. In recent years of studies, biologically...