Difficulties Of Adoption

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There are thousands of children waiting to be adopted and thousands of childless couples trying to adopt in the U.S. The adoption sometimes process goes smoothly, but sometimes not. A big problem many couples face is when they finally find the child of their dreams and complete the adoption process and take their new baby home, the birth mother can change her mind and take the baby back. Depending on which state they are in, sometimes up to two years later! I think that is a tragedy. I believe that when the birth mother gives up her baby it should be final.

The adoption process is a long process. Sometimes it takes several years to find a match. Many people choose adoption as a last resort, after trying unsuccessfully to make a baby of their own. These people are often heartbroken because they can't have a baby of their own.

When they finally get a baby through adoption, they should not have to worry about some birth mother who can't make up her mind. Recently, in the news, a Florida couple, after taking care of a baby for two years, the birth mother tried to get her baby back from them. They escaped from the birth mother and were finally found after twenty years. Now they are called kidnappers. For the kid, who is now an adult, they are his parents, not kidnappers.

A baby is not an object. A baby should not be passed back and forth like a football or a used car. Imagine a 3 year old baby who had been living with his adoptive parents for two years. Suddenly the birth mother who is now a stranger to the baby shows up and the baby is taken from his adopted parents whom the baby is...