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General Purpose: To inform

Specific purpose: The audience should understand the reasons why I decided to use diplomatic communication.

Becoming a Diplomatic Communicator

Its not what you say, is how you say it. Since I was a child I never had any fear of expressing my opinion. Luckily I have always lived in liberal societies where freedom of speech is a point of pride for everyone. When I went from puberty to teen-age phase I realized that I had a bad-temper and it would come out when I had to debate with other classmates. One evening while telling my grandfather my daily school adventures he talked to me about the importance of practicing diplomacy. My grandfather who was a leader in our community had to deal with different people and its behaviors in a daily basis. One morning he took me with him to work and I shadow him in a day full of meetings.

I learned the basics of diplomatic Communication. It is a skill that was thought to me and I am very proud of it.

Being one of seven granddaughters was always challenging because we all were competing for my grandfathers attention. I decided to show interest to follow his footsteps to get the most attention and it worked. He dedicated a lot of time to teach me the art of diplomatic communication as well as strategic negotiation.

The guidance counselors at my high school asked me numerous times to prepare speeches for special dates such as Teacher Appreciation Day, Mother's day among other special catholic dates. I also attended to Leadership seminars during my senior year and I did collaborations for a local newspaper during my freshman, junior and senior years.

The legacy of my grandfather as well as the other activities I was involved in...