Global Warming Research PaperWhat are currently some of the Global Issues we are facing today?

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Impending Doom: Global Warming 2.0

"Most [countries] now realize that adaptation is essential; still missing, however, is a strategy to guide international diplomacy around the issue" (Kennel, Ramanathan, and Victor 112). The fact of the matter is, this planet is heating up, fast. It is seen in a day to day basis in forms of weather forecasts, to just going outside for a walk. Each day feels like this planet is getting closer and closer to the sun. The people of this planet need to realize global warming is happening this very moment. The effects of global warming are seen everywhere from, insufficient food supplies, distrust in climate diplomacy, to desperate adaptation actions.

An insufficient food supply is one of the effects of global warming. How is it because of global warming one must ask? As mentioned by Phokele Maponya and Sylvester Mpandeli "Agriculture is expected to be most affected by these changes because it is highly dependednt on climate variables such as temperature, humidity and precipitation (Maponya & Mpandeli 48 - 60).

The slightest change in climate could affect crops. And insufficient supply of food is unacceptable in this ever growing planet. Furthermore, plants aren't getting sufficient water due to global warming "The . . . average rainfall, estimated at 450mm per year, is well below the average of 860mm" (Maponya & Mpandeli 48 - 60). In a few short years, this number is again expected to drop more and more by these scientists. The planet is obviously heating up with these numbers as proof. The people are still reluctant to pay attention to these problems.

One reason that is believed why people are ignorant to global warming is the failing climate diplomacy. As Charles Kennel, Veerabhadran Ramanathan, and David Victor states, "[T]he traditional approach to international climate...