Discrimination within public schools against minorities in the South

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Duncan K Harps

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21 April 2014

Discrimination within Public Schools against Minorities in the South

In the United States, minority students are recognized as those students who have been enrolled in the institutions of higher learning, and whose race, sex-oppressed ethic status and or whose physical condition has made their presence in institutions of higher learning minor based on the recognized status. Minority groups are therefore, subordinate groups who are likely to suffer from discrimination regardless of the size of the group in relation to the dominant group. The sociological definition of minorities in higher education is important in understanding the discrimination against minorities. For the sake of this paper, the term oppressed minorities will be used to refer to the groups that have historically been discriminated against based on their race.

It is worth noting that discrimination against any of the identified groups takes very different forms.

However, discrimination based on the environment and finances mostly affect the oppressed minorities. This is because oppressed minorities unlike sex-oppressed and physically challenged minorities share common financial status and are likely to be living in a common environment. The term 'Race minorities' in the US is mostly used to refer to African- American, Asian Americans, Latinos and even Native Americans in some regions. This paper will examine the Discrimination within public schools against minorities in the South (Law, Ian, Deborah Phillips, & Laura Turney, p.90).

Oppressed Minorities in the South

African Americans, Spanish speaking minorities (Latino and Puerto Rican populations) and Asian Americans forms the biggest groups of oppressed minorities in the south. Historically, these groups have been discriminated against in almost all the aspects of life- education included. Currently, the groups also face discrimination albeit mildly and not directly as was the...