Discursive Essay on the Book "Gracey" by James Moloney. Essay Title: Gracey belongs in both the White and Black Worlds.

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There has been much speculation as to whether Gracey belongs in the black world or the white world. She goes to Hamilton College, a predominately white school, on an athletics scholarship. At first she dreads going to Hamilton and wishes she could live in Cunningham with her family. Eventually Gracey finds she fits in to Hamilton and prefers living in Brisbane her white friends rather than in Cunningham with her family.

Once Gracey feels comfortable in the white world it is as if she does not want to go back to the black world. As far as she is concerned Cunningham is not her home, it is just where her family live. Hamilton is Gracey's real home now. If it were possible Gracey would probably prefer to stay at Hamilton over the holidays. "But this isn't my home, Angela. Mum and Dougy and even Raymond live here now, I've never lived here...

If I've got a home now, it's Hamilton College...."

We can see in the first few chapters that Gracey can't wait to get back on that train. Back to Brisbane where she feels she belongs. Even Dougy notices her eagerness to get back to school. Ever since Gracey got her athletics scholarship into Hamilton her relationship with Dougy has never been the same. They had grown apart over the years and Gracey had no interest in her brother's life. "It's hard for her at school and she can't wait to get back here... But that starts to change... She still comes home each holiday, but she stops saying how much she wants to stay... She's jumpy, eager to leave." Page 5. "He's different. I'm different. We just don't have much in common any more. What can you expect after so much time apart?" Page 1.