Discuss Hedda's final choice in the book Hedda Gabler by Ibsen

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Hedda was the main character in the story done by Ibsen. Hedda Gabler struggles in this story to find happiness by making the people around her miserable. She acted based on what she wanted in life, which was to be with Eilert. Her final decision is based on the love between Eilert and Mrs. Elvsted, and the death of Eilert. In the end of the play, Hedda decides to kill herself because Eilert dies of a gruesome death. She wanted him to kill himself, but because he was murdered, she committed suicide because she felt awful.

Hedda's obsession to bring misery to everyone, made her kill herself in the end of the play. Hedda realizes in the end that if she cannot have Eilert, she doesn't want anyone else to have him either. She destroyed the manuscript because she knew that if it was published, Eilert and Mrs. Elvsted might have fell in love.

Hedda didn't like how Mrs. Elvsted and Eilert were working together to write the manuscript. She knew the book meant everything to them; it was like child to them and she destroyed it. When Eilert confessed to Mrs. Elvsted about what happen to the manuscript, she didn't even feel bad for both of them. She stayed there and listened to the whole story without any guilt. Eilert felt bad how he lost the manuscript and when Eilert tells Hedda that he wants to end his life, instead of her stopping him, she encourages him to do it. Hedda said, "Wait. I want to give you a souvenir to take with you." Hedda gives Eilert a pistol to kill himself with. When Hedda hears about Eilert's death she makes unreasonable comments that everyone is surprised to hear. She says that she see meaning in his death

Hedda acts surprised when see hears of Eilert's death, but the Judge knows differently than everyone else. He knows that the pistol was from Hedda House. The Judge tells her, "You needn't bother. I saw the pistol Loevberg had when they found him. I recognized it at once." Hedda could not believe that she was going to be caught up in a scandal. The most important thing to her was her pride and reputation. She didn't want to be looked as a person that kills Loevberg because she gave him the gun. Another thing that made Hedda mad was that her husband was ignoring her, to help Mrs. Elvsted with putting the manuscript back together that she destroyed. She was jealous of Mrs. Elvsted again. Hedda then started to realize that her life was over. She loved Eilert, and now he was dead. Hedda decided that there wasn't any reason to live anymore. Hedda went into the rear room and shot herself. George Tesman heard the shot and went to see what happened. Hedda committed suicide by shooting herself in the head.

Hedda killed herself because she realized that she was about to get caught and be in a scandal, and the fact that Eilert was killed by some women who he thought took his book mad her feel guilty. Hedda's life was so destroyed that death was the only solution to her problems. She couldn't deal with the guilt that she caused.