How does the play "The Removalist" present a view of Australia Masculinity?

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"The Removalist" deals with many Australian attitudes in the 1970's, many of

which are accurate representations of masculinity held by the majority of Australians.

The play presents a view on the patriarchy society, regarding men's dominance in

sexual power, physical power and corrupt authority.

One of the main issues explored in "The Removalists" is that of men's

dominance, especially over womens. Simmonds (the veteran police sergeant) shows

authority toward Ross (a new recruit) and are both excessively violent towards Kenny

(Fiona husband). There is an attitude of resigned acceptance towards this dominance,

as Rob (the removalist), Fiona (who was bashed by Kenny), and Kate (Fiona sister)

are all present when Simmonds is attacking Kenny, yet none of them attempt to do

anything to stop the violence. Kenny realises that Simmonds is going to bash him

"That sergeant is gonna beat the shit outta me. He mad as a bloody snake," but Fiona

and Kate decided to leave, because they are powerless to stop them.


(portrayed by Fiona and Kate) are disgusted by the way men treat women, as if

inferior and weak, yet they believe that there is little or nothing they can do to stop it.

This is the internal conflict of they are faced with (they want to do something but they

can't).The desires of men (money, power and sex) may also be a factor that explains

how men dominate society. It shows us that women's had little power or authority

during the 1970s and it showed us that society was 'men-orientated'.

Another, perhaps even more important issue explored in The Removalists is

that of police corruption. Simmonds and Ross are corrupt police officers, one being

lacking responsibility as the chief police (Simmonds) and one conspiring over how to

hide the murder he committed...