What does Torvald's fascination with beauty and appearance imply about his personality? Do his attitudes change at all over the course of the play?

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Torvald fascinates beauty and appearances to bring his own character up or to give himself a higher status. Furthermore, his attitudes do not change throughout the story line. Torvald is a follower of the society and he just can't understand the other side of life. Doing into more depth Torvald just can't understand what Nora means by 'something glorious'. Torvald is a person, who only understands one side of life, and he never changes his opinions. The main points that never changes are: prejudges, the way he looks at Nora, selfishness, and his understanding of society. Then on the other hand there happens a huge change in Torvald, which he understands when Nora lives him.

Torvald is a character, which is the exact opposite of Nora. This opposite is the key or the door to Nora's act in the end of the play. On page 97 Nora says, "You do not understand me."

Furthermore Nora says on page 99 the following thing, "I picked up the same taste as you. Or I just pretended to." These two quotes really show or explain that Torvald and Nora are two different people. Doing into more depth, Torvald is a character, which has many different sides to himself. These different or new sides open up or became known every suddenly and on very unexpected scenes. The usual character side, which is known the most, is when Torvald is very polite, nice and caring. On page 3 Torvald says, "Who's hanging her head, is it my little skylark?" This quote shows or gives an impression that Torvald really cares about Nora and other people. Furthermore the use of little names, such as, skylark or squirrel cause Nora's character to seem or became more dependent on Torvald. On page 5 Torvald...